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If you've been curious as to the exact settings, styles and drawing conventions Eric uses in his practice, 30X40 Design Workshop, LLC and want to see it applied in a real-world project, this is your chance to forensically evaluate one of his digital floor plan drawings. Use this working drawing in AutoCAD .dwg format as a guide to improve your own drafting conventions and to replicate the visual and graphic style Eric uses in his architecture practice.

This is a fully editable, AutoCAD (.dwg) file which includes: the main level plan, foundation plan, loft level plan, and roof plan for an actual project from 30X40 Design Workshop's YouTube series, "The Outpost." The file comes with the title block layout shown, it does NOT include 30X40's AutoCAD template or .ctb file.

Please note: you MUST have 30X40's AutoCAD template + .ctb file for this file to display + print correctly.

Floor Plan Working Drawing

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What's Included?

AutoCAD Floor Plan Drawing (.dwg) with four drawings drawn in US Imperial units at 1/4"=1'-0". The four drawings are: foundation plan, main level plan, loft level plan, and roof plan. The file also includes four layout sheets formatted in Arch D (24" x 36") size with the title block shown (additional title blocks with our new Title Block Pack)

Please note: you MUST have 30X40's AutoCAD template + .ctb file for this file to display + print correctly.

AutoCAD Working File / Paperspace Layouts

Foundation Plan, Main Level Plan, Loft Level Plan, Roof Plan

What's NOT included:


These files are designed to be used with the 2013 (and newer) versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Although it's possible they may also work with earlier versions and/or other CAD programs designed to read AutoCAD files we can't guarantee they will.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course? Will it teach me to use AutoCAD?
No, this is a digital drawing file meant for use with AutoCAD and for your reference. You must know how to use AutoCAD to make use of the download.
I'm using an earlier version of AutoCAD, will this work with it? What will I lose by converting it to an older version?
The file has been confirmed to work with versions 2013 and newer. Unfortunately, I don't know how it will behave or what aspects may perform differently with earlier versions. A Google search will often yield the best answers specific to your software release version.
What scales are included for dimensions and text styles?
This drawing is set to print at a scale of 1/4"=1'-0" (US Imperial units of feet-inches)
What's your refund policy?
As these are digital assets you receive immediately upon purchase I'm not able to offer refunds.
What size title blocks are included?
Arch D (36"x24") size
Does this include a .dwg file?
Yes, it does! However, it also comes with the following agreement by you: "Downloading this AutoCAD drawing file constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement to NOT reuse, repurpose, or resell the file. Each download contains a unique user-identifying key for copyright compliance purposes. All copyrights are retained by Eric Reinholdt, Maine Licensed Architect and 30X40 Design Workshop, LLC"
Will this file work with...Draftsight, ArchiCAD, (insert other CAD program)...?
The short answer is, I’m not sure (because I use AutoCAD). I make no warranties about how it may convert if you choose to purchase it and once you purchase I'm not able to offer refunds as these are digital assets you have access to immediately upon purchase.
I work in Metric, will these work for me?
Maybe?! The drawing base units are Imperial, but you may still find the forensic evaluation useful to your practice.

Your Instructor

Eric Reinholdt, RA, NCARB
Eric Reinholdt, RA, NCARB

Hi, I'm Eric, an award-winning architect, entrepreneur and founder of 30X40 Design Workshop, a design studio located on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I'm also author of the Architect + Entrepreneur book series and creator of the most popular architecture-focused YouTube channel online. I've been designing simple, modern residential architecture for more than 27 years and a practitioner of all the novel, entrepreneurial business strategies I teach in my courses.

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